Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing GeoPoint. While we try to provide the best service to our clients, we still sometimes face to some problems. It is very important to get to know everything carefully. In order to avoid misunderstandings please consider the following points.

1. Terms and obligations of the Parties

a) Vehicle can rent persons from age 23 to 60.

b) It is also necessary to have at least three years of experience in driving.

c) It is necessary the pledged deposit, depends on car category ($200-$500).

1.1. The car will be transferred to the renter with good technical condition and specific quantity of fuel that will be reflecting in the contract.

1.2. The car must be returned by that quantity of fuel that was at the time of delivery. Otherwise, the renter will be charged by the double-cost of the reduced fuel amount as a penalty.

1.3. GeoPoint does not restrict daily vehicle mileage.

1.4. The rented car should be returned with a clean salon that corresponds to the company standards.

1.5. In case of returning a very polluted vehicle, the renter will be obliged to reimburse the laundry cleaning fee –$10.

1.6. The renter will pay repair works of damages due to improper exploitation of the car.

1.7. During the car rental period, the employee of the company along with the renter inspects the car and every existed damage is entered in the contract, which will be confirmed by both parties’ signatures.

1.8. In case of new damages, the Company has right to make a claim against to the renter by the amount of the repairing cost, if the damages are not in compliance with the requirements of the insurance company. In addition, the renter should pay the rental fee for those days, as long as it will require for repair works.

1.9. Every hour in excess is calculated at 1/5 of daily rate.

1.10. It is possible to purchase the insurance package CDW – Collision Damage Waiver, which implies insurance for damage caused by the renter. The value of the insurance is determined according to the car category. In addition, insurance includes an unconditional franchise, which is equivalent to the pledge fund. Besides, a CDW insurance package does not cover on the damage of windows or tires, and the underside of the car, loss of key and on damage of interior of the car.

1.11. In case of an auto accident, if the employer is under influence of alcohol or drugs, the renter compensates the damage inflicted on the car and, the damage inflicted by the third Parties is paid by the renter as well.

1.12. In case of the accident, the renter is obliged to call immediately at the office of the Company and give the information to the phone: +995 551 355 596 and to report a car accident should call the police: 112.